Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Got it.

I managed to get a set of three pix of the magpie that visits so coyly. It always comes in from a distance and picks up some food and then goes off quickly.
              Picked up a piece of the scattered Pork sausage roll

Luckily I was set up with the camera on a tripod set to consecutive pix.

The Maggie flew in and as it was sorting out its choice item, I stealthily moved my hand to the shutter release cable. Managed to get one shot as it was walking then a couple of it flying away.
               As we used to say years ago "Away with the mixer"
 Also got a shot of my winter visitor a Pied Wagtail AKA Polly Dishwasher by Somerset country folk.

                                          Very nervous because of the seagulls flying around
I always get one visit the lawn in the winter. It doesn't take anything I put out, but sorts through the grass for insects and perhaps seeds. A very dainty little bird that spends summer out on the moors mostly I think.

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