Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sorting out things.

Went through my desk drawers - how I hate seeing them referred to as Draws - to get rid of accumulated rubbish.
Came upon some stuff I found on the tide line at Weston-s-Mare a few years ago. Thinking back it was way back in the late 1990's. Might even have been in the days of the yellow Morris.

                                                typical of the sort of thing.

I had sliced along the line of the shell centres to show the build-up. Had to use a small hacksaw - also used a flashgun light spreader that was in the drawer with them.

                                      It worked enough to allow a modelling

Also found if I remembered correctly a couple of screw top bottle corks, someones false teeth -half set - and some other typical holiday rubbish.

                                             Tried picturing them in various groupings.

I used the plastic cutting piece mats from Lidl's for the close-up shots for the first time. I think they will work out well for macro backgrounds, Specially for flower shots. I will always be able to get a contrasting colour.

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