Friday, December 04, 2015

Spent my money !

Because I pay for my heating and hot water with my rent weekly, I decided I would spend my heating allowance on a new lens for the A77v.

super wide pic
It was the new Tamron 10 to 24 (15 to 36mm) equivalent.

full 24mm shot
The set up at 24mm equal to 36mm on full frame.
Went out to the front to try a couple of spread shots.

          I couldn't pivot enough at 10mm setting so there is a little bit missing.

at 24 mm coverage is very good.

I reckon the overlapping cover between this lens and my 18 to 270 will do quite well.  
Now I must make up my mind whether I intend to sell the old 11 to 18mm or keep it.
I suppose that some folk will think I am stupid buying another lens like that but why not. I might as well spend it as keep it for someone else to spend when I am 6 feet under.
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