Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gave up on the Steam train.

There was a steam train coming through Bath this morning to Bristol. I had thought about going over to Keynsham Station and getting some pix.
When I looked out I changed my mind.
Went up to Morrisons just after 8 and took some pix through the windows. Then on a spur of the moment decision I decided to look down to the beach. I hadn't checked to see the time of the tide but it was full tide at 9 a.m ish

Only just over a 12 foot tide but with the wind behind it it was quite splashy.
I sheltered from the wind blast using the hedge at the top of the rise and managed around 60 pix.

There were some folk who had - very foolishly - left their cars parked there. They will find they have a very good infilling of salt all around the cracks and joins of their cars. Salt? It will play hell with the areas they just cannot get to with a freshwater hose.
Odd how the colours have disappeared, looks almost like a monochrome pic except for the flags and cars.

When it had got to the highest I gave up and went back home. Booked in the Smart Idiot for an MOT tomorrow afternoon and idled the rest of the day.

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