Thursday, November 05, 2015

Do they know?

If they do know why can't they understand?
A work crew turned up yesterday to remove what is left of my old shed.

Only half of it remained after Martin's attempt to build new ones.
I had asked for the loan of a tarpaulin to cover what is left of the contents. Ian Sansum Alliance Housing Manager had in turn asked the surveyor, who probably thought bugger it. 
As a result no tarp had been lent to me. My stuff that had been crammed into the half shed that remained; had to be removed out into the weather when they came again this morning..

The remaining slabs of the patio after the removal of the odd things from the shed half, - a rushed occasion -  could then be taken up.

Levels taken and the concreting job put under-way. The rushed removal of my things meant that until the job is finished presumably they will have to stand out in the rain.
Although I did take my electric 50 foot cable and reel into the flat where it will be safe from water infiltration.
Why is it that inter-communication with Alliance is so hard with SOME departments. 

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