Friday, October 30, 2015

Interesting pix.

Put some old pictures from my PowerPoint "Shops of the lower town" slide show on Everything Clevedon this morning. Surprising the interest they produced.

Merrifield's shop in Old Church Road.

Started with Merrifield's shop in Old Church Road.

Then moved to Sonny Tippets in Old Street.
A shop I can remember just about.
I was taken there once many, many, years ago by my father.
I can remember we had to go down steps to go into the fish and chip shop

Tippets Cycle shop in Dales tenement that was.

Henry Lewis' pottery in Ken Road
How many people can you see in the picture above? five?

Puddling the clay to remove any particles of stone or quartz.

A sample of his work including an imperfect shot of the tree-trunk garden ornament 
I reckon the little busts of Kitchener are what made the legend of the busts on the Terra-Cotta tiles on the front of the house say Kitchener and Queen Victoria.
Apparently they were/are busts of Binding and his wife.
I remember I used to call in a house on Kensington Terrace opposite; where there was a white plant pot holder with a woman's face on it in the entry hall way. Very much like the ones at the top left and right. 
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