Thursday, November 05, 2015

Had an Email from Jessops'

Checking my Emails Thursday and found I had got one from Jessops at Cribbs Causeway.
Thank the Lord that some firms do take notice of what customers ask them to do.
Because of my deafness I had requested of the young lady that was serving to Email me rather than ringing. When I checked my mail mid-morning I found a message telling me that my SLT A77 was waiting for me at Cribbs Causeway.
Horrible day of misty rain; not heavy, but bad enough to be a damned nuisance. Off I went on the 2.20 bus. Bus was full of shoppers but after a couple of stops I managed to get a single seat where I prefer sitting.
Made my way to Jessops' shop and had the camera returned to me. I have been lost without it for almost 2 months. I had the SLT A55 as a stand-by but it was not the same.
Paid a whacking £493 for the repair and overhaul. It was worth it because a new replacement would have been over £1,000 They had put a new control board unit and a new top complete. It is now more or less a new camera.
When we were coming back the bus driver got mixed into driving down the Portbury Docks road and had to turn at the large round-a-bout and get back up to the interchange again. Then almost in to Portishead he stopped to take some passengers on from a broken down X6 double decker. Result I was around 20 minutes late getting back.
The chap who had been working on the bathroom had gone but I managed to take a few pix with the Tamron extra wide angle lens.
Tiling had been finished but grouting needs doing now.

Won't it be lovely to be able to have a shower. I can't quite figure out how it will be set up but the 'wet-room' will stop the risk of falling.
Then Danny knocked and told me that the concrete had been laid on the set-up at the back and they are coming again today to do the last strip.

Job is finally finished. How nice to be able to have a shower with really hot water with a bit of power behind it. 
Now I have to wait for them to come again to re-model my kitchen. 

It makes me wonder if my Gods have forgiven my transgressions after all.

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