Saturday, November 21, 2015

The stupidity of some people.

A week or so ago I had £59+ taken from my PayPal account. Quite legally: -- the need to take it was not legal.
I have been a member of AVG antivirus Free for a few years.
After one attack I decided to purchase a full anti-virus account. It served me very well and saved my bacon a couple of times by warning me of contaminated Email with trojan horses hidden in them.
It cost me £59+ and was worth every penny of it.
When the time for renewal came around I was quite happy to pay for it back in August to renew in September.
I was not so happy to find in November they had deducted another £59+ via PayPal.
I told them of it by Emailing to them, and it was instantly repaid to me. However it was repaid into PayPal that meant if I re-drew the cash I would have some deducted for handling.
Since then I had another request. to which I sent a short sharp note.

For Christ sake get yourself sorted out.
My anti-virus DOES NOT expire in 7 days. I paid the renewal back in August/September.
Any more of this and I shall cease to be an AVG customer. Probably take up the matter with CNet as well.
I like AVG and the way it looks after any virus problems. WHAT I DO NOT LIKE is being chivvied by you for renewals when I have already paid.
I have only just taken up the matter when you took £59+ from me by using PayPal. and last week had it returned. 

What is the matter with these people?
Does one department not speak to another?
Can they not read simple messages?
Are they blind, deaf and daft?
Or is it simply a scam to see if they can extract hard earned cash from their customers?

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