Saturday, December 26, 2015

Got up to Sixways just after 6. Not a soul in sight and no traffic.

Just a vast spread in the sweep I set up on the pathway at the top of Alexandra Road and got a good cover.

            Moved up to Hill Road and decided to get the shots from the 'other' side

Blank windows at Seeleys' and also next door ex-Neales' I tried a shot but just dead in the middle. 

                                Moved along to opposite Sainsburys' 
Wonder if they will open later, I must get a loaf today if I can. Trouble with Hill Road is the fact the shops have gaps with the space before and then after the regent block it means taking three sets to cover.

                                     Moved back over at the top 
I was not altogether happy with this last shot because of the black alleyway by Hillwood House. But the other side had so much of the Alexandra Gardens, that had just nothing at all there. Went back but on the way I saw the tide was in so thought I would have a try at taking a timed shot.

                    Not very happy with it it just doesn't seem like the
                    Bristol Channel without the famed Clevedon Chop.

Perhaps I will try again perhaps not, seems so dead without waves.  It could almost be as flat as a billiard table.

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