Saturday, May 23, 2015

Went up through Nortons Wood again
I decided to go with a complete set-up. Ring Flash 1.7 tele-extender, 24mm Kenko and 10 dioptre lens. As well as extra batteries for the flash (just in case) because it would have been stupid to have run out of power after the things that had happened previously. It was a job to get it all in the boot of my Smart 4 two, but I managed it. 

The Germander Speedwell Veronica chamaedrys flowers were out along the bank and the ring flash as normal worked well.
The biggest advantage of digital images is that you can see the result immediately.
I was able to correct my macro shots timing and light to get almost perfect JPG's. 

Little clusters of blooms showed in places along the bank. It made me wonder why these flowers have not been adopted for gardens. they would be very suitable for a rock garden for example.

Cuased me to speculate whether this is a varicoloured variety, or is it a flower that is on its way to forming a seed pod.

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