Monday, May 04, 2015

Home made saying files

Came upon one of my JPG's from morguefile that had been used as an image upon which to plant someone's idea or notion; I had the same idea when seeing the JPG they had used, and decided to make my own comment (or Izaak Walton's) on it.
Although I have now had to give up any idea of going off with road and line at times I cast my mind back to those heady days.
Wandering along the length of Black Ditch casting for pike. Satisfied if one tried a lunge at my lure even if I didn't catch it. Mainly because it had proved my notion that 'that' was a good place for a pike to lay up.
I understand that doctors recommend golfing as an ideal recreation for keeping oneself in good health. I have never found any appeal in knocking a little ball around with a stick.
If they could do the same thing for angling by recommending pike spinning, their patients would get just as much exercise and with far less cost than the fee at a golf club.

I thought I would put a comment of my own on a picture. 

The stillness of the early morning on the Somerset moorland is fantastic. The sun starts to light the sky and slowly images appear surrounded by a low hanging mist. Then we know that it will be a fine day and that all is right with the world. 
No matter the wars or disturbances, no matter the idiot rioting in some of the big cities. 
Here on the Somerset Moorland, all is peace, all is quiet and we are alone and able to contemplate our inner selves.
I would recommend even just a five minute period, leave the world and its problems and soak in the vision.
Better than any psychologist can do for you.  

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