Tuesday, May 12, 2015

While sorting out stuff that should probably have been thrown away many years ago, I came across some negatives taken in the early 60's. It's odd that although I can remember the day of the week they were taken I can't for the life of me state the exact year. I know it was early 60's because they had been taken with my treasured Agiflex III  
The day was a Monday because I had driven the oil van into the Coleridge Estate and noticed the work going on. Although I had not been contributing pictures at that time for the Clevedon Mercury I took a series of shots, purely for local history records.

The Somerset Rivers Board workmen had sealed off the water flow in order to clear the mud from the tunnel that passed under the road there and also under the Binding & Paynes garage complex. I was so intrigued that I even put on gum-boots and climbed down the bank to get pix of the work going on in the tunnel.

They had laid a truck rail under the road way and were manually shovelling (slubbing) around a 2 foot deep mud deposit into a tub to be wheeled out and then hauled to a waiting lorry by crane. When I got back up I found :---

A somewhat eccentric local resident expostulating with the lorry driver on some point of the work. I believe - according to tale - that he had been an architect of some sort but had had a 'brain-storm' and had to retire.
Needless to say he acquired a nickname. 'Cess' Poole The driver was very forbearing but eventually gave the nod to the crane driver who hauled the bucket load up and deposited it in the back of the lorry. 'Cess' who had been splashed a little immediately left off his diatribe and went on his way.

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