Thursday, May 21, 2015

How stupid can I get?
Went up through Nortons Wood Lane again today. I wanted to get some pix of Common Vetch that I saw there a couple of days earlier.

Cleavers, AKA Goosegrass, Galium aparine, 
As well as that I had taken some shots of Cleavers, and needed to get some macro pix, of the tiny flowers. I didn't bother to take the ring flash - a big mistake on my part - so I snipped off a few examples. It turned out to be 'a few' too many.
 I got my shots of cleavers and the tiny flower - only around 3/16ths of an inch (5mm) across - together with buds at the head of the tendril.
Then found trouble with the focussing of my Tamron 90mm macro lens when coupled with the kenko 35 mm tube.
I decided to try with the 1.7 tele extender but could not find it. Meantime the other samples I had taken were getting limp. 
I managed a couple of shots of Germander Speedwell Veronica chamaedrys. but another little flower, yet to identify  was too far gone.
Now  ths morning I realised that the extnder was on the A55 on the copier stand that I had been working beneath. 
I know now that I had been a little too ambitious.
Leaf of Germander Speedwell Veronica chamaedrys 

This pic does not do the flower justice, as can be seen, the flower is starting to droop. I will go back up today and take the ring flash and crocodile clip to do better.
On my first visit I did take some Infra-red shots and also saw what I thought was a small hover fly on the flowers growing along the verge of the moor road.
It disappeared very quickly although I did manage a shot of what I belive is a Yellow Dung Fly, Scathophaga stercoraria, on a nettle leaf. 

I must post a query on ID Please in Flickr to see if I am correct in my identification. A very helpful site for correcting dubious naming.

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