Saturday, May 23, 2015

Red Campion Melandrium Rubrum,
 The bright red of this flower was the cause of me stopping in the first place. I found a veritable little trove of what we call weeds. Eventually I ended with no less than 5 sets of JPG's.

Buds and leaves 

Flower cluster.

A closer look at the flower.

Of both the Red and White Campion Culpeper has this to say:—
Government and virtues.
They belong to Saturn, and it is found by experience, that the decoction of the herb, either in white or red wine being drank, doth stay inward bleedings, and applied out­wardly it does the like; and being drank, helps to expel urine, being stopped, and gravel and stone in the reins and kidneys. Two drams of the seed drank in wine, purges the body of choleric humours, and helps those that are stung by scorpions, or other venomous beasts, and may be as effectual for the plague. It is of very good use in old sores, ulcers, cankers, fistulas, and the like, to cleanse and heat them, by consuming the moist humours falling into them, and correcting the putrefaction of humours offending them.

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