Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Went to Hangstone top this morning.

Still dark and I had to hang on to the fence posts on the steep bits of the pathway.

Managed a small sweep pic the required editing with Elements 6 to lighten up the very dark bits.

Took quite a time to get light because of the cloud along the top of Broadfield Down.

Both shots of Clevedon looked OK but no sky effects. Pity it was not brighter but I did see the mist along the moorland and got a couple of shots of them.

They needed a little tweek from Elements too.

A pity that the pathway is so steep in a couple of places. I gripped the fence to make sure that I didn't go for a Burton, on the way up. My balance and confidence has got worse since my fall last week. The fact that it was so dark didn't help either. 

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