Monday, October 12, 2015

Where do they come from?

Came on some old negatives again the other day. Where do they come from? back in the mid 1960s. Why did they survive? Because they were not in the pile of negatives that got ruined by rain.

I was working on the Saturday and driving the oil van down Stroud Road when I saw some lads fishing.
I got off with the camera and started to talk to them. They were all concious of the camera but I took one pic anyway.
I then said "There's a dead one in there"

Camera was straight away forgotten. Anxious eyes and turning the jam jar around to see where the dead fish was. Camera could have been in Mars for all they cared.
I said "No it's not down the bottom it's floating up to the top dead fish always float"
Inspection of the jar got really serious. 
Who wants dead fish in a jam jar?

Camera was no longer there; as far as they were concerned I could have been in Mars as well.
Picture taken titled "Net Profits". Adox film 40R developed in Beutler developer extreme fine grain. Posted on where it has been downloaded approaching 400 times.

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