Friday, October 09, 2015

What a go.

Jane passed me over the selection of Joe Ruddy's slides last night for the show we will put on in January.

            The man himself - Joe Ruddy stands on the Corner near Chapel Hill

I set to this morning and put them into a PowerPoint show. Eightyfive slides sorted and set up ready for Jane to check the running order.
Took me a while but I realised I had to get them done. Otherwise with the work going forward to give me a wet-room and install a new kitchen I might run short of time.

           Back in the days when we used to have crowds on the seafront.

It worked out OK with a good selection of pix from the beach to the shop's and also activities in the town.

                                      The fire at Staddons' Yard
Some things that I had forgotten about he had captured. He was right on top of the action when I was working on the milk round.

                  What would happen if they shut off the triangle now-a-days?

I can just imagine this happening. When I was at St Andrews school we were always marched along on the 11th November if it was a schoolday. Heard the service and then had the rest of the day off. Also for Empire Day; I can just remember Col. Sturgess, Capt Dean, (Navy) and Col. Keen on the stand. The Pier master used to send the signal for 11 o'clock via a maroon let off on the beach. Two minutes and another went off to let all Clevedon know.

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