Monday, March 10, 2014

Looked out at 5.15 and sky was black but a few stars showing. Went out at about 5.45 to the mootorway bridge but not much there. Went down to the Blind Yeo Rhine

Took this shot at 1/90th f4.5 ISO 1,000 lost most of the sky detail that showed a very nice red tint.

Went to Manual and set  at 1/8th at f22 ISO 400. I got the sky detail beautifully but lost shadows.
Set up Adobe Elements 6 and increased shadow detail in quick fix.
This shot equals more or less what my eyes saw. 
I must make a point of doing this when out early in the mornings. It just goes to show that even at 90 years old you are NEVER too old to learn.

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