Friday, March 28, 2014

Went down to the first day of the West Somerset Spring Gala. Got shots of Wadebridge, Manston, Reveningham Hall, The Southern Rail U class, The 5322 14-18 War class loco, and the large Prarie tank. It was rather cold and that kept the steam down and showing well. I think almost the best trip I have made to the W.S.R galas. all locos running ‘right way round’ too.
Got them all by 12 and started back. Travelling medium and long distances is not so interesting now-a-days. Too much traffic on the roads, even the little country lanes seem to get folk on them. Problem than is they don’t know the area and want to move too fast. Some of the lanes running below the 358 15 M.P.H. is plenty. There is no place to pull off if you meet with an idiot at 30-40 speed.
12 pix posted on Flickr Friday 28th Checked Tuesday 1st and there has been over 600 views.


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