Thursday, March 20, 2014

Had a request from a Dutch author writing about Dornier 20's to use one of the pix taken originally by Alf Hodgkins that I posted on Morguefile. He wanted a better definition so I edited it to 500 D.P.I. and 9inch.
I also reduced shadows in Elements and brought to light two more letters in the registration numbers. Orignally only A3 + showed; I had assumed that the + was a Danish or Norwegian flag to show where they were based. 
Sent it off to him and he was happy with it.
He also sent me an Email back

A3+EE code was used by KG 200, a secretive Luftwaffe unit. They used seaplanes to drop agents behind Russian lines. In the summer of 1944 they were operating from bases in Finland. I only found out thanks to your photo!” 

Surprising what Morguefile can turn up isn't it.

A Blohm-Voss flying boat ancjored off the hangar at Schleswid. They use to fly way out into the Atlantic, the unfortunate rear gunner was in an open seat exposed to the draught of the 3rd prop that face backwards and acted as a pusher.

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