Sunday, August 03, 2014

After the last chancy occurrence I decided to go to Yatton station for the Torbay express run. Not so many folk there as there normally is. Maybe the novelty is wearing off for those that just look. I recalled to one of the pic takers that when I was on the milk round I got to Kenn Moor gate railway bridge one morning and there was folk looking up the line. I thought “Trouble” Something wrong?” I asked “No” I was told “There is a 125 coming though this morning” People queuing up to watch and take pix of a Diesel Loco. Now it had gone full circle and we wait for half an hour to see a steam train.
The Bristol to Weymouth excursion for this week end was cancelled because of low bookings. I reckon that money is getting tighter, and with school holidays there is more cash needed for little trips rather than a day out.
I got some good shots of Nunney castle in spite of the heat. She was steaming well and the smoke was well visible .

Nunney Castle Runs though Yatton Station with steam blowing well.

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