Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just had he delivery of the controller and twin flash set. Cost me an arm and TWO legs. However I was delighted to see on EBay a set in Japan with the 1200 AF flash head for sale at £200 more than I paid for the twin flash set. I can use it with my 1200AF ring flash  as a TTL setting or as manual which-ever I choose.

Set it up and took a 2nd series of Geranium robertianum in the pot on my concrete slab in the porch.

The above shot was the only one that I needed to load up Adobe Elements 3 to darken the highlights from the TTL image.
 I wa so elated that I treated myself to a bottle of James Cook rum at Liddl's to toast the success.
Now I need to buy a 1200AF ring-flash head. If I can find one I can then sell my 1200 AF flash control unit as well as my 80 one. 
Can it possibly be that I have come out on the winning side at last?
I am now waiting for the bomb to drop.

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