Friday, August 08, 2014

Oh what a surprise, I decided to take some macro shots of what I had always thought of as Doves foot Cranesbill. When I checked i found that it was in fact Herb Robert Geranium robertianum  petal shape was diferrent as were the leaves too.

Seed pod is a brilliant crimson and perhaps suggestive of its blood saving  propensity.

On Herb Robert Culpeper is commendably short :—

Government and virtues.] It is under the dominion of Venus. Herb Robert is commended not only against the stone, but to stay blood, where or howsoever flowing; it speedily heals all green wounds, and is effectual in old ulcers in the privy parts, or else-where. You may persuade yourself this is true, and also conceive a good reason for it, do but consider it is an herb of Venus, for all it hath a man's name.

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