Friday, February 21, 2014

The Hammer of Hell.

I reluctantly have given up on Paint Shop Pro 8 because it kept on saving images in jpg's that are impossible to open.
I reloaded Elements 3 because it is so much easier to manipulte images with the Distort effects. Then load them to PSP7 to polish them. I like the big thumbnail sheet, don't like the lines of pix on the newer PSP X4 etc.
This JPG started ot as a picture of Clevedon in the early morning taken from Dial Hill Road.
To my imagination it suggests an unfortunate victim,  that has already been subdued (distorted head shows on left)  whilst the hammer is knocking a new soul back into the fires.
Twisted thoughts? Yes I suppose. However if we are to believe there is such a place as Hell then almost anything could happen there.

Celestial Dartboard.

This Kaleidoscope, believe it or not started as a picture of a JCB type bucket dredger that was parked doen a green lane were we went to fire our CO2 air pistols.
With the 'Twirl' distort from Elements 3 and a few more bits I was able via PSP7 and MehdiKal to turn it into a kaleidoscope with a bit of bite.

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