Monday, February 10, 2014

Straw bales on Mendip
Came on this shot; I think it was taken up over on the hill above the top of Burrington Coombe. It must have been back in the days of the B31 or Sunbeam S8 I reckon.

Used to be great up on Mendip in the early morning in the summer about 5 oclock. Not a lot of traffic around and good straight stretches of road. Had to be aware of the places where there were off turns though. Put it on Flickr and had quite a few views within an hour of it being posted, plus a request for it to be added to a Haystack group.
I wonder if it will do as well on Morguefile as the Leighland Chapel on the Brendons pic. 209 downloads since June 2013

The valley at Leighland Chapel on the Brendon Hills
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