Friday, January 03, 2014

Crossman CO2 air pistol
Went out with Martin for a pistol shoot. Very muddy and we tried several places out of the way from footpaths etc. only to find them wet and mud that would be up to the ankles.
Eventually got out into the wilds. Muddy track and I could feel the front wheels sliding in places. We set up the target holders on each side of the car and let the windows down and fired from inside. The idea worked well and we fired at the target holders at around 45 degree angle at about a 25 foot distance.
Found I was shooting a group at 8 oclock and altered the sights.

A simple layout
Co2 cartridge gives around 40 shots at full pressure but it is important to count them as you fire. So easy to think you have some left, or even to think that you have fired all 10 pellets only to find one left in the magazine.
Ended up getting a better group but with a wild shots on them.
Is it the pellets or is it me? NIce to be able to shoot a pistol after so many years but I wish it were .22 long cartridges in it instead of air gun pellets.

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