Saturday, January 04, 2014

Came across a negative I made many years back. Must have been around 1961. An effort to combine 2 35mm shots, one taken with a Tamron lens on the Pentax S3 and one taken on the same camera using a Hoya 400 mm shot of the sun behind clouds.

The cottage on the seabank
I took the shot of the cottage at full extension with a Tamron lens I believe it was 35 to 80 but may have been 28-80 using an adaptall mount.
Used Ilford 35 mm HP3 film. Shaded off the top when printing and then shaded off the bottom and exposed for the sun and clouds.
I was calling at Blake's Wharf Farm in Kingston Seymour when the idea came. As I looked up the wall what we always called Cox's Cottage showed up well. 

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