Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How well I remember that day 

Digging it out

I came back from my milk round to the Horlicks Dairy depot in Old Street to find the workmen digging like mad.
The Land Yeo ran open through the yard except for the bridge to allow entry.
At long last the company had decided that it would be best if it were culverted. The first section to be done was to the upstream side of the yard.
The work crew dug too close, and lo and behold : --

The end wall of the goods room slid down the bank into the river. Found the negatives on the scanning session. I always carried a camera with me when I was working, I developed the film but never printed the negs. It is too difficult to black out the flat successfully. Have a whole series taken through the days the work was going on.. 

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