Thursday, August 29, 2013


Busy nearly all morning scanning negatives, managed to do over 50.
I didn't want to take a long time cooking so I compromised with soup. That will hold me until teatime.
Thought out and polished an idea.
Take one cup-a-soup (Tomato and Veg in this instance) sachet, instead of 1/3 pint boiling water make it 1/2 pint.
Take around 100 grams of brawn, 
about 6 small new potatoes from a Lidls tin.
Put all the items into the blender.
Boil a kettle and pour off 1/2 pint  into the blender.
Blend well making sure the potatoes and brawn are well reduced. This makes a nourishing thick soup. Also the additions to the boiling water reduce the heat to a temperature that means it can be eaten immediately.
Total time eating and all 15 minutes at most. 
Cost 75 to 80p. Enough potatoes left in tin, to boil for tea/supper meal  with a Chicken Kiev, or maybe a couple of Richmond sausages baked in the oven.

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