Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Changing fields
Drove Martin down to his workshop. As we went by the Kenn River bridge on the boundary saw a calfs leg bones on the road side.
Got down to Broadstone and there was a flock of sheep being driven. Usual thing is to see them in a trailer.
Took a few pix for the record.
I told Martin I would look in to Riverside Farm on the way back and mention about the calf bones.
Got to talking when I was there, Andrew said if a stillborn calf dropped it was easy for foxes to detach a leg and carry it off. They had not lost a calf.
I mentioned a pic taken years ago probably in the1920's of the model T Ford with my father talking to Mrs Griffin when her husband managed the farm for Mr House. Promised to do a copy for him. Then found that it was one of the ones lost when the hard drive played up.
Jane had a print but it was very light. I jiggled it with the histogram and the 4870 scanner did a good job for me.

Tweeked it and got details in the wall and darker a little all over.

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