Sunday, June 16, 2013

I made the home page pic on Morguefile ! !

Found out this morning that I made the home page picture on Morguefile.
Pleased as punch about that and lively as a cricket too.
This in spite of the fact that there was something happened with the Smart-Idiot this morning.
Coming back from taking steam pix there was an unusual happening. I was traveling at around 25-30 mph. when I had a double effect on the front nearside wheel. Almost as though one brake had been applied to the wheel.
I told Martin and he checked but there was no probelm with the bearing, the brakes seemed Ok and there was no wheel shake when it was jacked up.  ? ? ?
Continuing to drive it very carefully. Ran Martin out to Kingston Seymour, came back didn't go over 30 mph.
Nothing happened.
Took my left ear hearing aid up to the outpatients dept. left it for the audiologist to put on a new tube to replace the broken one.
Hopefull I can pick it up - done Thursday.

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