Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tried a new idea with Infrared pix
I went up to the firwoods and took a series of pix.  There was still enough foliage on the trees to show and I got around 15 shots of varying pathways. When I got back I did the usual edit and then selected som pix and used Edge enhancement in P.S.P. 8.

This was done Grey then add Sepia then Onestep cool colour then edge enhance
This seems to work better than 'sharpen' because sharp exagerates the small specks and results in salt & pepper spotting over the whole pic. Whereas Edge enhancement seems to emphasise the effects of most of the edge lines between objects.
Thsi was the same editing but without the Edge Enhancement. It shows particularly in the stones on the trackway.
  The same thing used to happen when using Beutler developer in monochrome photography, back in the 'dark days' a line so sharp when using a fine grain film like Adox KB17 that there almost seemed to be a fine line around the edges. The effect is subtle but nevertheless there. ..
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