Wednesday, October 04, 2017

                         Oh I dream of the days that are gone.

How many car drivers did Mr Briton upset by riding in from Kenn and causing them to hang behind him. Unable to pass on the twisty road before the motorway caused a bit of 'corner straightening' I wonder.
He used to come into Clevedon almost every day to pick up the unsold remains from the greengrocers shop in Old Church road and take it back to Kenn [to boil down?] to feed to his pig and hens.
Quickly names by my brother Harry as 'The Ancient Briton' I got several pictures of him over the years. He got so old that he couldn't actually ride his bicycle with the sidecar attachment and settled for pushing it. Only finally giving up his journeying when the greengrocers shop closed.
To the relief of the many car drivers using the road.

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