Sunday, October 16, 2016

What a Surprise !

Magpies are always very cautious. To my surprise there is one that is visiting my bird lawn.

                                  A careful inspection at first.

I reckon it was thinking to itself "This is too good to be true"
I had the camera ready while waiting for my friendly crows, now up in numbers to three. When this bird arrived for the first time to prospect around with my door open.

                                             I froze and waited

I expected that it would realise that I was there, only about nine or ten feet away; with the space between us wide open.
I took another shot, It was too busy sorting a few tasty morsels to worry about me.
Previously it had dived in snatched a beak-full and fled. This time it was lingering and sorting out what it wanted.

                   Two large bits were as much as it could cope with.

Unlike the couple of Jackdaws that do not linger, the magpie having decided that it is safe (I hope) 
may perhaps, become a regular feeder.
The Jackdaws have been regular but settle on the roof I think, to select what they will take; then they swoop in, quickly snatch up their choice, and are gone.
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