Sunday, October 30, 2016

Soome birds are very cautious.

Jackdaws and Magpies will not linger at the feed point on the lawn. I provided a hide to mislead them. Although the camera was evident they took no notice of it. Even the clicking noise was
ignored. A magpie that had landed at the lawn top sauntered down to the food and picked out, - not hurrying a bit - but taking its time to pick out its choices.
I got several shots of it, whereas previously one picture was all I could get before it flew off.
Sometimes even without taking anything.

A jackdaw was the next visitor followed by a small Gull.

The Jackdaw decided it was going to stick it out and feed on the spot. 

The gull however decided that size meant a win. Although it frequently gets forced out by the larger Herring Gulls if I don't manage to shoo them away; against the jackdaw it was victorious.

The jackdaw was forced out taking its choice with it. The Litlle Gull settled down to its feast; until it in turn was 'outed' by a pair of herring gulls. I could not show myself in the impromptu hide and so for once they managed to get away with it.

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