Tuesday, October 04, 2016

It happens every morning.

Each morning as it gets light the jackdaws fly up from further south where they roost each night.
In groups numbering into the hundreds they make their way up to Clevedon. Then here some split and go on to Portishead area while others scatter through the town here.

I set my Sony A77 camera to 16,000 ISO and waited patiently. Suddenly without any warning they skimmed past above Treefield Road.
I managed two shots; the second one catching the tail enders.

They don't linger and in 15 seconds they had gone. They, unlike crows congregate and roost overnight in great gangs, like starlings do - although not in such numbers - there is safety in numbers it seems.
I must try again, camera ready next time; I must have missed the first half of the flight. 

                                         Tried again for a better shot.

Tried again for a better shot. Set the camera to high speed continual shooting.

                    As you can see the spread of the flight is at least a quarter mile.

It might even stretch to a half mile. At 16,000 ISO there is a bit of noise but I got the pic.
Camera balanced on the top of my recycle box. Set to manual for focus because auto focus took to much time.
Saw the first birds and pressed the shutter. Fourteen pix in a very few moments and they were gone.

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