Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gulls and Magpies don't mix.

                                                            So one of us must leave town.

There was a face-off on Friday when a little Gull and a magpie arrived together although from different directions to have a go at the food on the lawn.

                                                    Although it didn't last very long

When it came to heavyweight versus flyweight the Magpie soon moved out. I did manage to get a pic of it crouched just before it sprang into the air and away though.

                                            The Little Gull adopted the normal activity

You just stand as though resting; yet keeping your eyes open in case of trouble. Then having selected the piece you wanted (the largest you could spot) you sprang forward and grabbed it quickly and took off with your prize.

                                            I managed to get a shot 

I had the shutter set to 3 frames a second 10 shots if you keep your finger down. Continual Auto Focus at 1/200th. ISO was 400. As soon as I saw a movement I pressed the button. Even so all I got was one shot with the bird in it and two or three with a bare lawn. In spite of never chasing off the Little Gulls they just can't seem to realise that they are welcome. Herring Gulls and the Black-backs I don't let feed if I can chase them off. They aren't content to take a crust and fly off with it. They stop and gobble the food down without giving other birds a chance.

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