Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Got a jackdaw.

At last I've managed to catch a jackdaw. A solitary bird arrived and flew in without warning.
It had not prospected from the roof top because it was choosing on the ground.

                                        It looked around and sought out a large crust

Decided it was not going to loose out to other birds. The crows had not yet arrived and it had plenty to pick from.

                                                      Tried a small sample

Picked up the crust and flew off before I could get another shot. Promising though. Caused me to try a different approach. I set up my very small tripod with the setting on the SLT A55 I decided to use, at multiple exposures on slow at 10 frames per second.
When the crows arrived the sound at first made them hesitate but as they found it was just noise they soon ignored it.  It was fairly quiet because there was no flapping mirror.  Managed to get a series to sort through.  
Magpie arrived after they were gone but didn't like it and flew off. I think it didn't approve of the tripod showing close to the door. I will have to wait and see what happens today.

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