Saturday, September 10, 2016

Looking around.

Amongst my pix submitted to I found that I had entered no crosswords at all.
The site is one developed by two brothers in memory of their parents who were teachers at Special Needs Schools in USA.
Pictures on that site can be used Royalty Free.
That is not saying they are Free for any use whatever but that they can be used to illustrate books, set on webpages, and virtually anything except using as stand alone pictures for re-sale.
Although unscrupulous people have used them to make poster size prints that they then attempt to sell at exorbitant prices. 

I even had one of my Rugby Union pictures mirrored and entered into a competition on  Morguefile itself. (Cheeky wasn't it)

I put a copy of frequently used books on the site as well.

It's so easy to write crosswords with the help of these books; also with a programme written way back in the past for Windows 95. 
(Yes that is very ancient history aint it?)
Turbosolve it was called. Unfortunately it won't work on Windows 7, 8 or 10.
That is why I was very reluctant to leave Windows XP. 

Those three books I find invaluable when searching for the full meaning of words, also the entries for longer words to start off with.
Always providing that the use of American spelling must be checked too.

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