Friday, September 02, 2016

Early in the morning.

Looked out early to see if there was mist about. Noticed plane vapour trails and clouded sky. So I took the camera and got a shot.

                                               Treefield Terrace barely shows detail.

I noticed the phone or electric wires festooning the street and thought back to the 50s when the 'powers that be' had decided to do away with overhead cables etc.
Like many things decided by governmental departments the urgency of the idea seems to have been forgotten, once they had made the statement and got their personal little bit of publicity.
It is so easy to stir up a fuss about things; not so easy, to carry it through to a conclusion.  A case of 'That's the way the money talks, pop goes the weasel'.
Still at least I got my shot - Midnight travellers from the States - wires to catch them down below.

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