Monday, August 29, 2016

Misty Morning

Looked out and the mist was just beginning to clear a little. Took the camera and went down to the Blind Yeo in Ken Road.

                                Noticed someone walking the dog

They were on the river path and showed up in the gap between the shrubbery. Took several pix this was the best of them. I didn't want too much detail just the suggestion of the figure so kept the focus short; just the overhanging leaves.

                                The sun was burning off the mist.

I wanted to get a pic showing the sun reflected 
in the water. Sun was too powerful so had to treat in Adobe Photoshop. 

                                     Went across the road.

The mist over the Chanel was still strong but was retreating rapidly over the land. Packed in and went back up for breakfast. Not too happy with the results but better than none at all.

Will maybe try it again. Perhaps.

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