Sunday, August 28, 2016

Is it a form of Madness?

I've said it before and no doubt will say it again. This morning I went out to Yatton. I was joined at the farm crossing on Wemberham Lane by another 10 males at least.
What were we there for? The Duchess of Sutherland.
Not in person but represented by a Steam Locomotive.

                                 Steaming out from Yatton station.

Cameras were clicking, videos were recording.
She was blowing smoke as she left Yatton.
That was the main reason I went down Wemberham Lane. Catching her coming into the station she was more or less free wheeling.

          The extra lines at the cattle crossing give a slightly wider angle.

We; the photographers, had hung around for over half an hour to get our pictures. 20 seconds of nostalgia from days that have long gone. Perhaps a little longer for the video makers.
Long live the Duchess - Next week with luck, it will be Princess Elizabeth. No it's going to be Braunton running as Lord Dowding.

So I ask again - Is it a mild form of madness?
Harmless maybe, but nevertheless, although our hobby harms no-one are we all round the twist?

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