Saturday, August 06, 2016

A crying shame.

Saw on UK Steam info that the Duchess of Sutherland would not be hauling the Royal Duchy railway outing from Bristol but from Taunton and back again.
However on Loco Movements she was coming down to Taunton on Saturday with her support coach.

                              Passing under the road brudge at Yatton.

Went out to  Yatton early on Saturday morning having learnt my lesson when the Nunney Castle went through almost half an hour before she was scheduled. 

                                 Running though the station.

Sure eniough she was early and taking her time Green livery and not like her when she ran through at Parkway with the authentic LMS colours a few years back.

                                 A much nicer appearance I reckon.

I can remember how I teased my neighbour. I said casually "I went up to see the Duchess of Sutherland in the week"
"Did she talk to you" I was asked.
"No" I replied  "but I was permitted to take a picture of her"
"I would love to see her" she said
So I showed her the picture. 
"A steam train" she said, "I should have realised there was a catch in it".
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