Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Crafty Crow

After having a horde of Seagulls come down and strip the odd bits of bread I had thrown out I came to a solution.
I now put the stale crusts and bits through my blender rendering it all down to crumbs.

                                          Crows are not stupid.
The Crafty Crow that visits worked out for itself a  sideways beak can gather more crumbs than picking up in single progression.

It always uses the same side of its beak
It is odd because it always seems to use the same precautions too. It lands in towards the top of the lawn then pecks about a little. Next it flies off to one side and then makes its way back towards the middle. If it can see no movement - and I really mean no move whatever; it will hop sideways towards the place where the pile of crumbs is waiting.
It has reasoned out for itself that if it approaches directly to the pile and has to take off the flat will be in the way. If it is sideways on it can fly straight out and over the wall. When it feeds it has a place where it can see with its right eye for danger. It means that it has to turn but if there are no moves when it comes towards the food then anything moving after it starts to feed gives enough time to turn and fly off.

Crows are definitely not stupid.

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