Monday, July 11, 2016

Swans on Black Ditch

I stopped on the way back from the Star Fish to take some Infrared shots of the swans on Black Ditch.
As I walked along to the railings of the bridge a kingfisher that was perched on the stone abutment - unseen by me - took off and went zigzagging down towards Yatton Little River.
Finally shot down the right hand branch towards the road bridge to Yatton.

Got my shots of the swans and then crossed over the road and took a pic looking northwards I think the swans along Black Ditch may be pairs of young birds from last year. Picked up mates but not yet breeding.

The tree growing there blocks a lot of the view along the ditch yet adds to the picture. Bank sides need cutting back very overgrown. I think there is a good cause for returning to the days when Keetchers were employed on terms by the landowners and paid visits a few times each year. Did their work and then had it certified by the Walking Pelter.
There was no sign of Cygnets with either of the swans so I reckon I am right in my guess.

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