Sunday, July 24, 2016

Oh What a Surprise.

Found the Royal Scot steam loco was scheduled to go through Bath/Westbury with the Torquay Express this week.
She is listed to be returned to Crewe next week so it will be the last chance of seeing her. As I had got a semi overhead shot at Yatton I decided to go over to Keynsham and get some purely horizontal shots. It would be a good settling down run for the Rebel too. around 40 miles there and back.
 Got over there at around 7.20 a.m. Having taken a steady run, I did not go over 50 and kept my speed down to 30 to 40 for most of the way. Exactly 20 miles from Kenn Road going via Chelvey and Winford. Thought that on the way back I would go through Kenn Moor Gate and Kenn village and compare distance. going through Queen Charlton too to avoid the almost blind junction on the Keynsham/Whitchurch recommended way.
Return journey came up as 3 miles longer.
The loco should have run through the station at around 8.10 but no train showed. Waited and then - what a bloody turn up for the books - a diesel showed up and tooted to let us know as they went through the station hauling the carriages.
I consoled myself with the thought that at least it was a nice little run to settle the Rebel in. 

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