Sunday, May 15, 2016

Star Fish
Luckily found some pix I had taken of the Star Fish site out on Claverham Drove.

                Interior shot of the inside showing the two chambers
Must have been some of the early pictures I took when I first went digital. 
The site is now getting very downgraded. Really needs covering up with dirt again and fencing off to stop the heifers climbing up over it and knocking the dirt off.
 12 or 13 years ago it was a little bit protected by the brambles 

              Most of the interior is fairly sound but cow shit all over the place.
Pity really that the farmer doesn't cover it over again and fence it off. There can't be all that many of those places left. After all it is our local history. After it's gone folk will be saying "Oh what a shame we have nowhere left now to show how things were done during the war."
Almost 80 years ago and what is left? 
Very little.
Only wish I was a bit younger I would have a go at getting something done about it.

I doubt if there is anything surviving down at Blake's farm at the mouth of the Congresbury Yeo. 
The only thing that is not deteriorating is the concrete slabs where they used to light the decoy fires.

It seems as though Yatton is very keen on the Strawberry Line and Nature sites but doesn't worry about things like this.
Yet these places saved many folks lives during the war years.

Dare I say "Wake up Yatton and get your finger out"
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