Tuesday, April 05, 2016

This picture of a car crash has been downloaded from www.morguefile.com well over 1,000 times and another of the same crash is rapidly approaching that number.

A car crash in Davis Lane 

I was on my way out to Nailsea wall when I saw it. I stopped and decided to take some shots of it. The roof of my Reliant can be seen where I had parked it on the road.
Whoever the luck-less driver had been they  were obviously not much good. The place was a favourite one apparently, for joyriding drivers. I have a shot of another car that had demolished a few yards of fence posts on the other side of the road. Yet the bend in the road there is not a bad one. 

                                A closer view of the drivers side.

Drunk driver? If they walked away from that they were damned lucky. Also lucky if they took no-one else's life when it happened.

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