Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oh What a Surprise.
No - Not as the old song says it
"Two Lovely Black Eyes."

But a forgotten hoard of early pix that turned up while sorting out still; little items, from the kitchen now re-furbished. I came upon a box file with pictures in it.

Some I had scanned a few years back.
Some I had not.

This one is of the Volunteer fire service around 1938-9

This one is I think, Builder Hill's firms outing for staff and families.

Taken around the mid 1920s. I suspect it was outside the Stone Cottage. That I will have to check later. Just look at the solid tyres on the Charabanc. (They didn't call them coaches in those days ) I'll bet if they went very far on the outing there were a few sore backsides by the time they got back home again.

The last one is of the dedication of the Boer Peace Memorial.
Text on the back of the postcard reads.

Mrs Cox
Frankfurt House,
Old Church Road

These are just printed. Are to he had at Bartletts in the Triangle.
Wishing you and Mr Cox a Happy Xmas.

Date Dec 19th 05.

Percy J Bartlett had the Post Office at that time.

Those are the first new scans. Others will no doubt be posted later.

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