Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Speedy work

                                 From the Tuesday arrival of the future contents

In three days I was amazed.

My Kitchen is being transformed. FWJ Property Maintenance Services who work for Alliance Homes don't hang about.
This is the third day of work and it still requires tiles setting round the middle sections of the wall and the electric light and an extractor fan installing but it is like a palace to me. 

I shan't recognise myself when I can start using it on Friday afternoon.
Having thrown out my old Electric cooker I am now using microwave and Homegear Halogen 

cookers for half the electricity costs with a Vonshef addition for brewing my coffee. 
They took this in their stride with a little shelf half way down to give me sight control with my Vonshef griller and oven. 
My conversion of the broom closet stayed without problems also the shelf I fitted years back above the door to carry all my cook books.
3 star works? More like 10 star.

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